About Us

It started with one house in New Orleans.

Six years ago I bought my first house in lower midcity New Orleans. I loved its character despite the “rough” neighborhood. The abandoned house next door was a harbor for vagrants. Of the nineteen houses on my block, nine were vacant. After eighteen months of calling an absentee property owner, I purchased and renovated the house next door. I was elated. I purchased two additional abandoned properties. After their renovations, the corner of my block had transformed. Witnessing the turnaround, others began to fix their homes. The neighborhood has transformed.

Baudin + Gayoso in 2007

Baudin + Gayoso in 2015

While I come from humble beginnings, I’ve been fortunate to always have the support of my parents and only sibling. Whether it was on the soccer field growing up or my crazy “innovative” entrepreneurial ideas, my family has always backed me 100%. I told myself that one day I would name my company after them. CSM stands for Carlos-Stella-Monica, the first names of my parents and sister.

Now, we own and manage several vacation rentals in the Mid-City area and recently completed our first commercial project, an eight-suite guesthouse called Campeche. We would love to host you on your next trip to this magical city!

Thanks for visiting!

– Alexander Ramirez, Owner