Called the most northern city of the Caribbean, New Orleans is a diverse blend of many cultures. We’ve all fallen in love with this city for different reasons and in different moments, but trust us – you’ll fall in love too and you’ll never be the same.

Whether your interest is history, music, food, festivals, or all the above, New Orleans is the perfect getaway at any time of year. As enthusiastic locals, we are proud to provide a home base for your adventuring during your next trip to New Orleans.

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Located just two blocks away, the Greenway serves as a pedestrian and bike path linking the French Quarter to City Park. As you bike or walk, you’ll notice community gardens, neighborhoods, and bars.


Wacky, boozy, fun, and exhausting, this annual marathon of parades is a favorite of tourists and locals alike. Bring your friends, a portable phone charger, a camelbak, and the wackiest outfit in your closet and you’re golden.

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This nearly 300-year-old neighborhood is home to incredible historic buildings, spooky alleys, gorgeous homes, fluffy beignets, and too many stories to count. We highly recommend you set aside a day to explore what makes the Quarter so unique.


Discover the waterway that led Jean Lafitte himself to the French Quarter during Bayou Boogaloo or simply walking by on your way to Jazz Fest. The Bayou located six blocks away is a hub of neighborhood activity and one of our favorite places to picnic.

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This iconic festival takes place at the Fairgrounds just eight blocks away every spring. Known for its delicious food, incredible musicians, friendly culture, and straw hats, you’ll want to get there early to enjoy everything it has to offer.


Two of the best things New Orleans is known for are still going strong. We’ll point you to the most delicious food and let you know where the best bands are playing this weekend.